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This blog post contains the next 20 most common English words. Practice them by reading and understanding the writing below.


Sarah’s Book

{do, as, at, she, but, from, by, will, or, say, go, so, all, if, one, would, about, can, which, there}

There is a girl from the USA. Her name is Sarah. She is a young girl. She goes to school every day. She likes to learn new things. She has many friends at school. They play together at recess. They like to play tag and hide and seek.

But she also likes to be alone sometimes. She likes to read books in the library. She likes to draw pictures. She likes to write stories. She is very creative.

At school, she has a teacher. Her teacher's name is Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Smith is kind and funny. She helps her when she needs it. She gives her good grades.

One day, she has an idea about writing something. She wants to make a book or a comic. She could not decide which one to do. But she chose to make a book. She wants to put all her stories and pictures in it. She wants to show it to her teacher and her friends. She is very excited.

She starts to work on her book. She writes stories and draws pictures. She works hard. It takes her a long time, but she is happy.

Finally, her book is done. She shows it to her teacher. Her teacher is impressed. She says it is very good. She says she will show it to the whole class, if Sarah allows her. Sarah’s teacher asks her if it would be okay to show the book to her class.

She shows her book to her friends. They like it too. They say they like her stories and pictures. They say they want to make their own books.

She is very proud of her book. She worked hard to make it. She is glad her friends like it too. She says that making a book is fun. She wants to make another one.













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