Whatever your level, whatever your goal, New Leaf can help you achieve a high level in English using a wide range of techniques that help to make English a part of you. By consuming English media that is interesting to you, you will never have to deal with the frustration of grammar drills or memorising words from lists. Of course, we will help you to achieve your TOEIC, IELTS or EIKEN Goals but in a way that gets you closer to fluency as efficiently as possible.

どんなレベルや目標の方でも、New Leafは英語があなたの一部になるのを助ける幅広いテクニックを用いて、高い英語レベルに到達するのをお手伝いします。興味を持てる英語メディアを使うことで、文法ドリルや単語リストを暗記するといったフラストレーションに煩わされることはありません。TOEIC、IELTS、英検といった目標の達成を助けることはもちろんですが、できる限り効率的に流暢に話せるレベルへの到達をお手伝いします

Students will be reading articles that are interesting to them, written for native speakers and carefully selected by our teacher. We won't be spending 30 minutes in a lesson trying to master a single phrase, this is too slow. By reading and listening to entertaining content, we will be exposed to the patterns of English over and over again, and proficiency will come without frustration or stress.


Of course, we will do some test-targeted preparation, But this does not form the basis of our curriculum. Many people who achieve high levels in TOEIC can still not communicate very well or even enjoy native content. We ensure that our students become fluent whilst attaining excellent qualifications.


Through a mixture of input, communicative activities  and computer-based learning platforms, the student is fully immersed in English. Through our teacher's careful direction, speaking skills can improve naturally, in tandem with the students ability to consume native English media. 



Lesson Structure

We tailor our lessons and materials to the students needs and learning style. We provide various forms of input, using video, audio, websites, comics, novels and some textbook work. Our teacher works with the students to find the best material for them, taking into account any goals they may have. We help our students prepare for EIKEN tests or University entrance exams by improving their genuine English skills. By following our teachers tips, students will find easy and efficient means by which to boost their English skills even outside of the classroom.



Come along for a consultation so we can determine the best path for you! All prospective students have 3 lessons free before deciding whether or not they'd like to continue.



Whatever your goal, we can help you achieve it. We hope to take all our students to a position where they can effortlessly have deep and fun conversations with native English speakers and enjoy novels, dramas, movies and other media in English, without subtitles.