Our kids lessons focus on providing as much comprehensible input as possible. As a result our students begin to speak English naturally, using words and phrases they've heard in other previous lessons in order to communicate.


Through a mixture of input activities, alphabet study, communicative games and fun workbook activities, the student is fully immersed in English.



Lesson Structure

Our lessons follow a three phase structure that allows our teacher to control the flow and dynamics of the class. Phase 1 has the teacher and student engaging in a simple task, using materials they are already familiar, such as the alphabet or vocabulary from earlier lessons. The teacher gives the students simple commands and the student responds. This provides the student plenty of listening practice and the teacher can assess how much they understand.



Phase 2 is for new input, students will be introduced to new vocabulary, patterns and commands. Quick games are used to help build familiarity. Following this the teacher and student will progress through our small app-based lesson, introducing new words and sentences. In some lessons the student will also progress through their workbook.


Phase 3 is story time. We read stories with related activities using our app. Following this, the student will choose a story from the collection and read it with the teacher.





TPR activities

New input activities

Story time


Our main goal is to expose the student to as much English as possible with fun and interesting activities. Our targets for each student is as follows: 


  1. Able to respond to various commands in English. 様々な英語での指示に応答することができる

  2. Recognition of a wide variety of vocabulary ~500 words 幅広い種類の語彙(~500語)の認識・理解

  3. Emergence of early, unscripted speech (reply to yes, no questions, express preference from a list, ask simple questions, give simple commands)  初期の、台本無しの発話の現れ(yes, noで質問に応答できる、リストから自分の好みを述べることができる、簡単な質問ができる、簡単な指示を与えることができる)

  4. Able to read short stories with minimal assistance and understand the meaning of the story ​最小限のアシストで短いお話を読むことができ、お話の意味を理解することができる

Learn to read with phonics!
Learn to read with phonics!

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Kids Books
Kids Books

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Sticker sheets
Sticker sheets

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After finishing the kids course the students will be able to pass EIKEN 5 with ease. They will be extremely comfortable with English and have a very strong basis on which to progress.


They will have very high comprehension, reading and listening skills. They will be years ahead of their peers at school. 



Classroom management is our utmost priority. If students misbehave, chat in Japanese and stop listening to the teacher they are not receiving English input. We do not allow this in our classes under any circumstance.


Our classes are small, three children maximum. On top of that, students are rewarded a sticker if they behaved well in the lesson. After they complete a sheet they are rewarded with a small gift.